About Us

The beginnings of Sacrivox Productions go back to 2001, when Matthew and Charles Tanksley began working on the idea of promoting Christian concerts at their church, with furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ being their top concern at all events. They were joined around that time by Anthony Gober of Golgotha Music Center as partners on a few concerts.

In time, Anthony joined the core partnership of Sacrivox Productions, as have Samuel Vela and Mario Trujillo of Outdoor Christian Events. But it is our heart that has remained constant; to further the gospel of Jesus Christ through live music events. It was this passion that led us to develop events such as Test Fest and SoCal Metal Fest.

Through the years, our combined experience together as Sacrivox Productions, as well as individually, we have worked with hundreds of artists, ranging from major international acts to local unsigned artists, both Christian and secular. Some of the most recognizable Christian artists we’ve worked with include Stryper, The Crucified, Rich Mullins, The Prayer Chain, Disciple, Manafest, Third Day, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Bloodgood, Payable On Death, The O.C. Supertones, and many, many more.

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